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Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Ace Ventura Pet Detective was a very humorous movie starring Jim Carrey. Filmed in 1994, it is a story about Ace Ventura, a man who loves animals so much; he has become a pet detective. His big case in the movie is to find the missing Miami Dolphins mascot, Snowflake, before the team heads to the Super Bowl. Hired by Courteney Cox's character, Melissa Robinson, Ace tries desperately to find Snowflake. Also on the case is the Miami Police Department, lead by Lt. Lois Einhorn played by Sean Young, who dislikes Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Lt. Einhorn tries every way she can to get Ace Ventura Pet Detective off the case. Ace visits the tank Snowflake was taken from and finds a ruby stone - just like the stones found in the Super Bowl ring of every Dolphin player. He sets out to discover which player is missing that stone from their ring. After going through all the players, he notices a picture of Ray Finkle with the team. He asks who that is and Melissa tells him about Ray. Ray was the field goal kicker for the Dolphins during the last Super Bowl. During the last seconds of the game, with a chance to win, he missed a field goal and cost the Dolphins the game.

Ace sets out to find Ray, only to learn he was institutionalized after the embarrassing moment. After getting into the mental facility where Ray was held, Ace learns the Ray decided to start his life over - as a woman. And that woman turns out to be Lt. Lois Einhorn! Wanting to get revenge against Dan Marino for mishandling the ball and causing the field goal kick to go wide, Lt. Einhorn had kidnapped both Snowflake and Dan, hoping to cause the Dolphins to lose again. With the help of his friend Emilio (played by Tone Loc), Ace Ventura Pet Detective saves the day by returning both Dan Marino and Snowflake before the big game.

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