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Detective games have been a favorite of players for years. These challenging games put ordinary people in the roles of detectives, allowing them to solve cases by talking to suspects and finding clues. Detective games come in the form of board, computer or electronic games.

One of the most popular board games ever is Clue. For fifty years, Clue has entertained players as the ultimate in detective games. Clue is board game in which you have to use your detective skills to solve a murder. You and five others use cards and dice to move and ask questions about the crime committed - the murder of John Boddy. John's found dead in his Uncle Sir Hugh Black's mansion one week before his 30th birthday. In the mansion are his uncle's friends: Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. White and Reverend Green. Inspector Brown is assigned to help you solve the case. You must also figure out not only who committed the crime, but what weapon they used - a candlestick, knife, lead pipe, revolver, rope or wrench. This classic detective game is so popular it was made into a movie in 1985 that was shot with four different endings. Milton Bradley recently released an electronic version of the game. Electronic Talking Clue FX helps players solve the crime by "talking" them through the game. There is also Clue Jr, a detective game for children age's five to eight.

Other detective games include: Scotland Yard, where one player poses as Mr. X while all the others try to capture him through clues; Mystery of the Abbey, where players try to solve the murder of Brother Adelmo by inspecting the monk's cell, questioning other monks and visiting different sections of the monastery; and The Magic Seal, a computer game where you, the Prince, search a wizard's palace for your kidnapped son.

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