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Detective Hats

You may wonder just what detective hats are? Well, if you've ever watched a movie or television show with the character Sherlock Holmes, you already know the answer. The detective hats, often made of black and white plaid material, have a front and back brim, but the most noticeable characteristic may be its ear flaps. It often has a little thread tie on the very top of the hat. Worn by one of the most famous characters in cinema history, Sherlock Holmes, these types of detective hats became synonymous with detective work. In fact, many modern day detective firms use clip art or a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes in his detective hat on their web pages. Just the mere sight of a hat like this often leads people to think of detective work.

The official name for these detective hats is squash hats. They can be made of plaid material, but many are also made of wool and some are knitted, with the knitted version often having a tie at the bottom to help hold it on your head. Regardless of their material, they always have the front and back brims and ear flaps.

By wearing his hat when solving mysteries, Sherlock Holmes gave birth to many sayings about detective hats. Many times, people are told to "put on their detective hats" to help solve a mystery. Often when real life detective retires, it is said he is "hanging up his detective's hat."

If you want to dress the part of a sleuth for a Halloween party, you can purchase your "detective kit" which includes the famous magnifying glass, pipe and detective hat worn by Sherlock Holmes. These hats can be found at stores selling Halloween costumes or online. You may even be able to find one at a joke store.

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