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There are many different genres of movies, but most everyone loves good detective movies. People often credit Edgar Allan Poe as being the father of the detective story, viewing his The Murders in the Rue Morgue as the first story of that type. Since then, there have been several popular detective characters in cinema. In fact, one of the most popular characters in detective movies is the one that has been portrayed in more movies than any other - Sherlock Holmes. Created in 1859 by Sir Arthur Conan, the Sherlock Holmes character has been in approximately 197 films and played by 70 different actors. Silent film actor Eille Norwood appeared as Sherlock Holmes in over forty different movies between the years of 1920 and 1923. But many believe actor Basil Rathbone defined the character of Holmes. An actor famous for frequently portrayed Holmes on television during the Eighties was Jeremy Britt.

Detective movies were booming in the Thirties and Forties, not only with those about Sherlock Holmes, but the Chinese detective Charlie Chan as well. Charlie Chan was created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1919 who may have been inspired after reading a newspaper article about real life detective Chang Apana. From 1931 until 1949 there were forty four Charlie Chan movies made, each one taking the detective around the globe with his number one son to solve mysteries. Oddly enough, the actor most associated with the Charlie Chan character is Warner Oland, a Swede.

While the Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chan characters were portrayed many times, modern detective movies rarely have repeating characters. One exception is the character of Marshal Samuel Gerard. Played by Tommy Lee Jones, the Marshall Gerard character was taken from the original television show, The Fugitive, and put on the big screen in the movie remake of The Fugitive in 1993 and it's follow up in 1998, U.S. Marshalls.

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