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1960s Detective Shows

The 1960s detective shows are a favorite staple of late night television today. The detectives almost always caught the bad guys and there wasn't much blood involved in the violence. Many of them in the 1960s detective shows were young, hip and cool.

77 Sunset Strip ran from 1958 to 1964. The show revolved around Stu Bailey and his partner Jeff Spencer. They were private eyes that worked out of their office on 77 Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. They drove sports cars, hung out at Dino's (a nearby nightspot) and got all the girls. The valet at Dino's was Kookie. Kookie became such a popular character that in the third season, he was made a partner in the detective firm.

Dragnet, originally a radio show in the late Forties, became a television show in the early Fifties. But it enjoyed its biggest amount of success in the Sixties. Joe Friday, the no nonsense detective and his likeable sidekick, Bill Gannon, never let the bad guys get away with anything. Each episode started with what may be the most famous quote of any of the 1960s detective shows "The story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." Joe Friday, played by Jack Webb, was famous for his opening line "This is the city. Los Angeles, California. I work here... I carry a badge."

The Fugitive was another classic detective show. Based on the real life murder of Dr. Richard Kimble's wife, this man-on-the-run show created tension each week as Dr. Kimble tried to elude Lt. Philip Gerard to prove his innocence by finding the real killer. The finally, where Dr. Kimble caught the real killer, was one of the most watched episodes of the Sixties.

One of the most groundbreaking of the 1960s detective shows was I Spy. It followed a pair of agents facing espionage adventures, but more importantly, it was the first series to feature a black leading man, Bill Cosby.

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