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Many times, when people go through a divorce, things can turn nasty. If one spouse suspects the other of infidelity or of hiding assets, they may seek the help of a divorce detective. A divorce detective is one that will watch the actions of the spouse in question and records all suspicious movements if necessary. The divorce detective may also be called on to delve into records of bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. to see if the spouse is trying to hide joint assets. You can hire a divorce detective, but you can also become your own detective if you want.

To be a divorce detective, you just need to know some of the tools of the trade. You will need a good camera, preferably a digital camera. A digital camera is good to have because you can check the pictures as soon as you take them to see if they are what you want. If not, you can continue to take pictures on the spot. But remember, you will probably be taking these photos from a distance, so look for a digital camera with a good zoom lens. The further away you are when taking the photos, the less likely you are to be detected. You will want to carry a notebook with you for jotting down things, like time and location where the photo was taken.

The other aspect of detective work is doing research. You can research many records online, but you may be required to pay a small fee. For example, if you are looking to see if your spouse was previously married, you can search marriage records online. You can also search some records at local government offices, but some may be restricted from access. For banking records, those are easily obtained at the bank if your name is on the account. If your name is not on the account, you may have to resort to alternative methods, such as searching your spouse's briefcase, desk, etc., to find the evidence.

There are detective books available both online and at local bookstores that can help you further in becoming a good divorce detective.

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