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Everyone who owns a personal computer has small programs installed that run hardware and software called drivers. While the drivers are necessary to use the hardware and software, they can sometimes become out of date, unnecessary (if you no longer use the hardware or software associated with it) or even corrupt. When this happens, they can cause problems on your computer such as slowing the system down, causing errors or even preventing the computer from booting. To detect which drivers are up to date and installed properly, you can use a program called a driver detective.

Driver detective programs help detect drivers that may be causing system problems, thus allowing your personal computer to work to its best capacity. When you run a driver detective program, it shows all the drivers installed on your system. Without a program such as this, this task would be a nearly impossible task. Along with the names of driver, you will also be able to view the version number and vendor's name. At this point, you will need to check your vendor's web page to see if the driver is the correct version you should be using for your system. If not, you can download the appropriate driver. Once this is done, your system should run much smoother.

Many driver detective programs can be downloaded directly from the Internet for a small fee. Drivers HeadQuarters will even allow you to run the driver detective software on your computer straight from their web page. The software may even help prevent future computer problems. If you have an outdated version of a driver, it may not be causing problems now, but any change you make in the system might cause this outdated driver to act up.

A driver detective program is invaluable software for anyone who uses a personal computer.

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