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Keylogger software is a program that will track exactly what another person does on a computer. This includes not only what keystrokes are typed, but also what web sites are visited and if the person was chatting on instant messaging and if so, what was said. If needed, some keylogger programs can even take snapshots of the screen at desired times.

Programs like keylogger can be used to see what your children are doing online. Today, many teens have special messages they send to let each other know their parents are around. This many seem innocent enough, but often children get into adult chat rooms and become involved in conversations of which their parents would not approve. Not only that, but many times, teens believe they are chatting with other teens when they are actually chatting with adults posing as teens. These predators seek to set up meetings with innocent teens and many teens have gone missing after meeting their new Internet "friends". Although no parent wants to think their child is involved in any of these activities, keylogger software can help you see exactly what your teen is doing online so you can protect them from harm.

If you suspect your spouse of cheating, you can use a keylogger program to see who they are talking to and what they are saying. Just like your children, you would like to think your spouse is not involved in any online romances, but if you are suspicious, this program can confirm your suspicions or put your mind at ease.

Setting up a keylogger program is very easy. All it requires is clipping the hardware into the keyboard cable. Because the cable is usually hidden behind a desk, it is almost completely unnoticeable. The program cannot be disabled by any online passwords or turned off without being completely removed. Many will record over 128,000 keystrokes. To read what is typed, you don't need any special software - any text editor will work.

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