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There are many reasons one might want to become a net detective. If you are a bounty hunter, you can do some online research to help track the person for which you are looking. This includes looking up potential addresses, and phone numbers. You can also look up the individual's marriage records. They may be hiding out at an ex-spouse's house or you may be able to find out the location at which they are hiding by calling the ex-spouse.

Net detectives can also be policemen. Due to a large number of child pornography rackets online, many policemen spend their days at a computer instead of out in the field. They search for forums and discussion lists that revolve around pornography and try to find people peddling child pornography online. It may take a year or more of researching on the policeman's part, but several individuals have been brought to justice by these net detectives. These detectives also look for individuals that prey on minors in chat rooms. The net detectives pose as underage children themselves and wait for the predators to strike up conversations with them. Once they agree to meet, the predator is met by policemen instead of the underage child he or she was hoping to meet.

You can become your own net detective. Using the Internet, you can find access to all types of information. If you are dating someone and a little suspicious of their past, you can use online resources to search for information such as marriage or birth records. If you unsuccessful, you can try hiring an online site that has access to more records than you can find yourself. If you are looking for long lost friends or family members, the Internet can be an excellent resource as well. You can search the white pages of the whole United States online to try to locate someone. There are some Internet sites that charge small fees to get former classmates in contact with each other.

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