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Today, many people their pets are like children. Pets are a beloved part of the family and if that pet goes missing, it causes much sorrow. But don't despair, you can hire a pet detective or do some detective's work yourself to try to find your pet.

If you are in need of pet rescue and want to hire a pet detective to find your lost pal, you can look in your Yellowpages under the keywords detective or pet detectives, depending on what size city you live in. Be sure to ask the pet detective how long he has been doing this and what his rate of return is on lost pets. Take a picture of your pet so the detective knows exactly what he is looking for.

If you are planning on trying to find your pet yourself, it helps if you know where, when and how your pet went missing. If your pet was in a backyard and there was a break in the fence, that is the likeable cause of how they escaped. Knowing the general time is good. That way, you can try to determine how far your pet could have gone, i.e. one mile, two miles. If you have several family members, have each of them go out into the neighborhood to search for the pet. If you have a picture of your pet, print a copy of that picture for each family member. That way, as they see people in yards or walking by, they can ask if they have been your pet. If your pet has been missing for more than a day, it is probably time to post signs about them being lost. Be sure to include your pet's name, your name, a contact phone number (cell or home), a photo if at all possible and a reward amount if you want. Post signs in all the areas where you think your pet might have gone.

Finally, be sure to check the local animal shelters and pounds. If your animal was injured in any way, someone may have taken him to the local Humane Society. If he was seen walking around by Animal Control, he may have been captured and taken to a pound.

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