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Becoming a private detective can be a fun and rewarding career, but you should know what it takes to become one. Private detectives may be a part of a staff, like at a large corporation or business, or an individual hired by others. One thing you may be involved in is finding a missing person. For whatever reason, many people go missing each year and as a private detective, you may be hired to find out why. Some are children that are kidnapped by strangers or parents after a divorce. Some are people who simply want to disappear for whatever reason. You may need to search various records, like marriage or arrest records or even perform surveillance to find this missing person. Often people hire private detectives to watch a spouse they suspect of being unfaithful. This too will require surveillance and often may entail sitting in a car, waiting for hours for the suspect to come out of a building. You may also spend quite a bit of time at a computer doing online research. Sometimes the life of a private detective is not quite as exciting as television and movies makes it out to be.

Many that get into the private detective field may already have some investigative experience, such as those that have been in law enforcement or the military. If you don't have any experience, you can enroll in a detective school. Here you can learn such skills as how to retrieve evidence without damaging it, how to fingerprint a suspect, how to fire a handgun and finally, write reports about your investigation. Although this may seem like a boring part of the job, it is a necessity. No matter who you work for, they will want a detailed report of everything you were able to find out. Make sure your writing skills are sharp and you are able to write quality, professional reports. Also, make sure your people skills are good. You may need to spend time talking to someone in person to find out the information you are seeking.

Once you feel confident in your skills, apply for your private detective license if your state requires you to do so. You may or may not be required to take a test, but you can find this information by calling your local government offices.

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