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Although they may not admit it publicly, it is rumored some law enforcement officials have used psychic detectives to help them solve cases. They may be hesitant of public opinion on using psychics because many people don't believe in psychic ability. Many psychic detectives believe that they can sense how a crime occurred either through visions of the deceased or by getting feelings of what occurred at the crime scene. One highly rated television show on NBC, Medium, has brought to light the use of psychic detectives in some cases.

The show Medium is based on the life of psychic detective Allison Dubois. Patricia Arquette plays Allison and the show depicts her job as an intern working with the District Attorney's office. She helps the office with unsolved mysterious deaths and disappearances using her psychic abilities. By visiting the sites of the crimes, touching evidence, meeting suspects or sometimes just through dreams, she can help break a case. While doing this, Allison must also juggle a home life with her husband and children.

While the show is not always biographical, it does use real life examples of events in the Allison Dubois' life. Allison has stated that she's been used by the Texas Rangers to help solve cases. This was depicted in the pilot episode of Medium. She also has said she's been involved in helping the Glendale Arizona Police Department.

Allison had her psychic ability tested through scientific methods by Dr. Gary Schwarz at the University of Arizona over a four year period. What caught his attention initially was Allison speaking of his recently deceased mentor, someone he had told her nothing about. After that, he performed several experiments that he felt showed proof of her psychic ability.

Although many people are skeptical, may psychic detectives in addition to Allison Dubois have been featured in magazine articles and on news shows. Whether they are actually helpful to the police or not will remain to be seen - at least until the police departments admit to their use and success rates.

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