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Spy satellite cams can be used to help protect your home, office and personal property. With crime being a problem in many cities today, a spy cam can help you keep an eye on your home when you are away or on babysitters tending to your children. Spy cams can also help you keep an eye on your office or business. Whether there are employees there or not, you can feel assured that your work space is safe. The cameras can be used indoors or outdoors. You can even use these cameras to monitor activity outside a car, boat or airplane.

Most sky cams you can buy today are wireless and very small. This allows you to be able to hide them in inconspicuous places. Perhaps the coolest spy cams available today are disguised as things you'd normally have around your house or business. You can choose from the clock or boom box radio, desk lamp, air purifier, book, wall or mantel clock, teddy bear, smoke alarm or even purse spy cams. If you need something for outdoors, there is the Exit sign, flood light or sprinkler head spy cams. Just make sure that the location you want to monitor is visible after you set the camera up. It may require some adjustment before you get the camera angle set just right.

Spy cams are very easy to install, lightweight and usually don't require very much power. Spy cams may come with an AC/DC adaptor, so you can plug it in and the camera will run as long as you need it to. If for some reason the power goes out, many cameras have a place for batteries which can provide you with an additional five hours of coverage. The battery can also be used if you want to make the camera portable.

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