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Once, spy equipment was something you only saw in James Bond movies. But things have changed. Today, anyone can own spy equipment that can help them protect their families, personal property and themselves.

One such item is a spy camera. These are great spy equipment items that can easily be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars. They can be installed inside to protect your home while you are away, or outside to protect your property, such as a boat or car, while you sleep. Spy cameras also give working parents peace of mind if they have a sitter watching their children during the day. These are continuously running cameras, but you can also buy every day items with still cameras in them. Things like purses or pens can be carried and used to take high resolution pictures without anyone else knowing.

Phone spy equipment is also available. You can tap into someone else's conversation (although this is illegal) or you can record your conversation with someone on your own phone. If you are planning on using this in a court case, check your local laws to make sure this will be admissible. In some circumstances, it may not be.

GPS tracking systems is another great example of the latest spy equipment. A weatherproof GPS-2 can be installed very quickly to the underside of the vehicle to track its movement. The GPS-2 is motion activated, so once the vehicle starts to move, all movements will be recorded. When you remove the GPS-2 and hook it up to your computer, you can see things like the names of streets traveled, the amount of speed at which the vehicle was traveling and how long the vehicle was at that location. This is a great tracking item for law enforcement, journalists, individuals, investigators and detectives. Parents may feel safer knowing where their teenagers are going with this piece of spy equipment.

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