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Telephone spy equipment, used to do wiretapping, is available to anyone today. Many people think their lines are safe and secure, but that is not always the case. If someone wants to listen to your conversations, the technology is out there. They don't even need to be able to get into your house to record your conversations.

To set up telephone spy equipment is easy. There are phone wires or boxes in every neighborhood where there are homes with phones. One way the phone wires can be tapped into directly requires climbing up the pole, which can be very dangerous. Someone that can tap into the loading coil can tap into many conversations of surrounding homes and are almost assured of having their telephone spy equipment going undetected.

Many newer neighborhoods have pedestal boxes rather than phone poles. These boxes are located in the corner of plots and may contain wiring for several houses or the entire neighborhood. Using a tape recorder or bug device, someone can tap into a phone line in less than fifteen minutes.

Many homes and businesses have a demarcation box, installed by the phone company, outside that can easily be tapped into with telephone spy equipment. An additional wire can be added that is run to a tape recorder in a nearby house or car and all conversations from that house can be recorded.

Inside the home, there is also the old technique of attaching a tape recorder to the phone, but unless that is very small and hidden, it can easily be detected. An easier way to tap into a phone line from within the house is to install a device directly into the wall socket or telephone itself. These devices can be purchased online.

If you suspect your phone is being tapped, you can have your local phone company come out and check at no charge to you. Normally wiretapping is illegal unless law enforcement is authorized by court officials to tap your phone line, looking for evidence of illegal activities. If this is the case, the phone company cannot remove any telephone spy equipment.

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